Letter to friend about coronavirus

Darshan Singh

 Letter to friend about coronavirus

Hi Anil, 

Hopefully, you and your family would be safe in the time of the Corona Virus pandemic, I am very optimistic that you will get your business back on track after the lockdown effects. However, It is very hard to regain the pre-corona situation in the business but it is the time to fight hard against developed things. 

You must be aware that this time we as a country are going in the peak of corona cases per day, so it is very important to take care of your health and avoid to go in crowded places without taking proper security measures. Don't put off your mask in public places and in front of visitors to your shop. 

This is the testing time of our awareness regarding mask and sanitization of hands, people who are not taking it seriously they are falling ill and getting corona positive every day. 

You are requested, don't believe in rumors that now coronavirus has not remained so dangerous, the people who are compromised immunity power they can be targeted hard by this virus at any time. Since you are diabetic for many years you should take more care of yourself. This is a virus that has a high spreading capacity that is the main factor we should be aware of more than previous viruses. 

The whole country suffered the killer lockdown which killed more than thousands of people during the lockdown, many killed on the road who were going to back their homes, many killed due to lack of medical facilities, many killed due to hunger and other factors. Lots of people go into depression during the lockdown period, that was the bad dream which had now passed on us. 

 Now, time to reopen the mind, and business is looking to come, be prepared to regain the business and life back on track, you suffered more than any common man because your business was totally dependent on tourists visiting to your city. Now hopefully things are returning to normal, tourists started to visit hill stations again, and in the winter season, a good footfall is expected to your city. 

I am planning to visit a hill station so it is possible that I will meet you soon. Till then take care and be strong. 

Best to you and yours,



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